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Guidelines of the Czech floorball on the protection of personal data


On the basis of Act No. 133/2000 Coll., on the registration of residents and birth numbers, as amended in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data, the CF issues the following directive on the application of these regulations in the CF.

Article 1

Personal data

1.1. CF is the administrator of users' personal data within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data and on the amendment of certain laws, as amended (hereinafter referred to as "the Act"). According to § 4 of the Act, personal data is any data that relates to a specific person whose identity can be directly or indirectly ascertained from the personal data.

1.2. The data is processed for the purpose of fulfilling the goals set out in the CF Statutes and registration of the membership base and related activities. Legislative Regulations 57 Edition 2018

1.3. CF registers basic and additional data.

  • a) The basic (mandatory) data of an applicant for natural person membership are:
    • aa) first and last name
    • ab) birth number
    • ac) address of permanent residence
    • ad) email address
  • b) Additional data that the applicant for membership is not required to provide are:
    • ba) other possible connections (mobile number, mailing address, telephone, etc.).
  • c) The applicant for membership is obliged to provide basic data, or current member, natural person to add, and together with the additional data, tolerate their processing in the records, if he wants to participate in the activities organized and organized as part of the realization of the objectives of the CF. If possible, basic identification data is verified by CF according to such valid personal documents issued by state and local government authorities to prove the identity of the user, according to which all basic identification data can be verified. The registered user is obliged to notify without undue delay changes of name, surname, address of permanent residence, email address and, if applicable, also changes in mobile number.
  • d) Name, surname, year of birth of all members and, in the case of members performing special activities (e.g. official and elected person of the CF or section, secretary, head of the cooperative, CF employees, etc.), as well as contact details, are often listed on the website for the purpose of fulfilling the mission and providing services to members.
  • e) The date of birth can also be used on the "Match Record" form, as it constitutes a decisive identification necessary when assessing eligibility for participation in the match.

1.4. By signing up as a member, the member gives consent in accordance with the law to the collection, recording, storage, processing and use of the provided personal data for the purposes of communication between the CF authorities and the member base, for a period of absolutely necessary to ensure mutual rights and obligations resulting from the objectives of the CF, at least for a period of 10 years from the day it ceases to perform the activity for which it is registered.

1.5. By registering as a member, the member grants permission to acquire and use in any technical way documents of a personal nature, likenesses, visual images and video and audio recordings relating to the member, as well as his expressions of a personal nature.

Article 2

Rights and obligations of CF bodies and officials

2.1. Officials who come into contact with the personal data of persons working in the CF are obliged to ensure that they are not misused.

2.2. CF is entitled, upon request, to provide the personal data listed in points 1.3 letter a) and b) of this directive to the bodies of the state administration of the Czech Republic, the bodies of territorial self-governments and also the COC and the CUS. CF provides personal data listed in points 1.3 letter a) and b) of this directive in particular for the purpose of documenting the membership base, possibly in connection with requests for subsidies or other contributions from the state or other public budget.

Article 3

Notification obligation

3.1. Czech floorball is not subject to the obligation to notify about the processing of personal data, as it is subject to the provisions of § 18 of the Act, which exempts it from this obligation.

Article 4

Common and final provisions

4.1. Interpretation of this directive, its amendments and additions carried out by the Executive Committee.

4.2. This Personal Data Protection Directive is valid on approval at the meeting of the Executive Committee on 05/23/2023. Acc